VONDELING Petit Rouge Merlot 2020 13,5%

85,00  m/Moms
( 68,00  u/Moms )


2021 Vitis Vinifera Awards – Gold

Vinmageren skriver: The wine displays a bright ruby red colour. It shows a vibrant, fruit-filled aroma of sleek cherries, subtle raspberry, and soft, blackpepper. The nose carries through beautifully to the palate and is nicely supported by refined tannins with a smooth finish.

Food Pairing: A dynamic wine, which can be enjoyed at many levels, but is exceptionally wellpared with a traditional South African braai. Alternatively, a Sundayroast is a must.

Model/varenr.: VON110-20
Type/Farve: Rødvin
Land: Sydafrika
Vinhus: Vondeling

The Merlot vineyard used in this wine is planted in acombination of well-weathered granite soils and beautiful “koffie klip” (shale) slopes. They are South-West facing slopes,which helps keep temperatures moderate. Optimum ripeness was at 24°B, with vibrant flavours of ripe, red fruits. Hand-picking, under the watchful eye of the winemaker, ensures that only the finest fruit is delivered to the cellar.

The grapes are destemmed, but not crushed and whole berryfermentation at cool temperatures is practiced, to ensure abroad spectrum of bright fruit and spiciness without heavy tannin extraction. After fermentation, the wine is transferred to old 300Lt French oak barrels and the skins are pressed. Malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrel after which the wines are racked, the batches are blended, and the wine prepared to be bottled.