VONDELING Babiana 2020 13,5%

249,00  m/Moms
( 199,20  u/Moms )

56% Chenin Blanc, 24% Viognier, 12% Grenache Blanc & 8% Roussanne

Vinmageren siger om denne vin: The wine has a pale, straw-like colour with a slightly green hue. A nose with poise and promise, abundant honeyed notes, rolled oats, roasted almonds, and  fresh citrus blossoms. A pinch of fragrant cloves and energetic jasmine. A textured palate with layered density and length. Flavours include sweet ginger, toffee meringue, cashew nuts, and a gentle oak presence.

Food Pairing: This complex wine is recommended with many an evening dish. Enjoy with rabbit in white wine sauce and shallots or simple, aromatic Asian dishes and rich seafood.

Model/varenr.: VON105-20
Type/Farve: Hvidvin
Land: Sydafrika
Vinhus: Vondeling

Made predominantly from Chenin blanc, picked from a single block of old vines (planted in 1987). Their age and low yield ensure consistent quality and concentration, which is why it forms the backbone of our blend. The fullness of the Chenin is tempered by the verve and high aromatics of the Grenache Blanc, Viognier, and Roussanne.

All grapes are hand-picked at optimum ripeness and refrigerated for 24hrs before being processed. The Chenin is whole bunch press and no Sulphur added to promote wild yeast development. The unsettled juice is then rapidly transferred to barrel for natural fermentation. Although a nerve-racking process, this method lends structure, complexity, and longevity to the wine. The Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, and Viognier are destemmed and cold fermented for 8 days on the skins before being basket pressed directly to barrel to complete fermentation. The wine undergoes full  malolactic fermentation and is matured 12 months on the lees before being racked, blended, and bottled.

Named in honour of Babiana Noctiflora, which is a rare species of fynbos found only on the Paardeberg Mountain. It has a delicate yellow flower that releases its scent in the evenings to attract  an extremely rare moth for pollination. The Syngrapha Circumflexa of the Noctuidae moth family is also known as an Owlet moth.Babiana Noctiflora belongs to the Iris family. The name Babiana  is derived from the Dutch ‘baviaantje’, meaning 'little baboon', because baboons were seen preferentially eating the corms of these plants. This species has lost habitat to vineyards and fruit  orchards in the past, but at Vondeling we conserve this endangered species.