tasting wineOne could say that the story of Costa Olmo started the day Vittorio Limone was born in Turin, from a family of jewelers, rather than wine makers. And yet winemaking turned out to be Vittorio's real lifelong passion. Paola, his wife, was one of the first to realize the driving force behind this passion, and she remembers how from the very beginning of their relationship Vittorio confided in her to realize one day together this dream of becoming a wine producer, and more precisely, a Barbera producer. Paola couldn't have been happier as she herself came from a family of winemakers. In the end, life with its twists and turns, brought Vittorio and Paola exactly where they wanted to be.

It took Vittorio years and a long and trying search to finally settle for the hills of Vinchio and Vaglio, renowned for their Barbera grape, the perfect ground to build his Wine Making Company, Costa Olmo.

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