Model/varenr.: von109-20

Vinmagerne skriver om denne vin: 

The wine has a striking, pale lime colour. The nose has pronounced tropical aromas of guava, passion fruit and melon with an interesting floral, potpourri twist. On the palate you can enjoy white peach, kiwi fruit and pink lady apple, underpinned by a delightful flinty freshness and delicate citrus finish. Full and fresh, this wine will pair well with prawn risotto, lobster, soft cheeses and sunshine.

77,50  m/Moms
( 62,00  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: VON110-19

Vinmagerne skriver om denne vin: 

The wine displays an invigorating, ruby-red colour. It has a vibrant, fruit-filled aroma of sleek cherries, subtle raspberry, and soft, black pepper. The nose carries through beautifully to the palate and is nicely supported by refined tannins with a smooth finish. A dynamic wine, which can be enjoyed at many levels, but is exceptionally well pared with a traditional South African braai (red. grill). 

81,25  m/Moms
( 65,00  u/Moms )