Model/varenr.: GP101-19

An easy drinking Sauvignon Blanc with upfront tropical fruit and floral notes on the nose and palate supported by hints of green pepper.  It is well-balanced with a beautiful, crisp finish.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy by the glass or with alfresco seafood, chicken dishes or salads. 

79,00  m/Moms
( 63,20  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: GP102-18

Merlot 41%, Cabernet Sauvignon 59%.

The Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon is an easy drinking red blend with upfront red berry flavours on the nose and palate.  This medium bodied wine has soft, smooth tannins, perfect for everyday enjoyment.

Serving Suggestions: A red blend perfect for those relaxing barbecue or pasta evenings, or simply enjoy a glass on its own.

79,00  m/Moms
( 63,20  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: GP104-19

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

A lovely fresh, crisp Rosé with upfront, fresh raspberries peaches and cherry flavours with notes of spice and blossoms. This is a well-balanced, easy drinking wine with a delightful fruity profile. 

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy a glass on its own or pair the rosé with lightly seasoned seafood dishes or summer salads.  It is the perfect picnic wine.  Enjoy chilled.

79,00  m/Moms
( 63,20  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: GP203-18

This unwooded, crisp white wine shows passionfruit, guava and apricot on the nose. The palate displays concentrated layers of white peach, apple and pear, balanced with a fresh acidity and textural finish.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Enjoy this wine with hearty salads and simply prepared pork or      chicken dishes. it is also a great partner to grilled pear with a honey glaze sauce.

95,00  m/Moms
( 76,00  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: GP205-16

A medium-bodied red wine with upfront notes of raspberries, cherries mulberries, plumbs, slight notes of fruitcake, pencil shavings, tobacco and mint on the nose.  These juicy notes cross over onto the palate all supported by velvety tannins that linger and create an elegant finish. This wine was matured in French oak barrels for 24 months. 

SERVING SUGGESTION: Cabernet Sauvignon is a versatile food wine that complements poultry and red meat dishes, especially roasts, marinated steaks and lamb skewers with mushroom and rosemary.

110,00  m/Moms
( 88,00  u/Moms )
Model/varenr.: GP103-19

This deliciously fruity white wine made from 84% Muscat D’Alexandrie and 14% Chenin Blanc grapes, expresseses upfront succulent stone fruits, litchi and citrus notes with hints of floral and spicyness on the nose and palate. This fruity Moscato is made to be an easy drinking and well- balanced wine that can be enjoyed at every occasion. 

 Serving Suggestions: A perfect wine to enjoy with a summer picnic.  Serve this natural sweet wine with lightly spiced Indian or Asian style dishes and fresh fruit salads.

79,00  m/Moms
( 63,20  u/Moms )