Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2015 13%

69,00  m/Moms
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Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2015


The grapes to make this wine come from two old vine vineyards planted in 1981 and 1984 respectively. For obvious reasons the one vineyard is simply called the Spice Block and the other the Long Block. Yields are rarely above 7t/ha and therefore naturally produce wines with structure and superior concentration. Our soils consist exclusively of deep, well-weathered granite with moderate amounts of clay and iron. Such soils elevate the aromatics and promote finesse in the wine.


Grapes are picked in the cool, early hours of the morning then packed into a cold room for further cooling. Once the grapes are below 10°C they are gently destemmed, crushed and pressed speedily to tank. During this process, the sensitive Sauvignon Blanc juice is protected from oxidative degradation, through the judicious application of dry ice pellets. These pellets form an “insulation blanket” of carbon dioxide gas above the juice. All free-run juice and press juice are managed separately, according to their character.

The juice is cold settled for 48 hours before it is racked from its sediments and inoculated with pure yeast cultures. Cold fermentation at 11°C locks in freshness and ensures an intense tropical fruit bouquet. After fermentation, the wine is kept on the gross lees for 7 months. This practice adds weight to the palate and promotes a creamier mouth feel.


Colour: Pale straw with a slight green edge.
Nose: A pungent nose. Rich with floral perfume, passion fruit. Balanced beautifully by a fresh amount of capsicum and kiwi fruit sweetness.
Palate: The aromas on the nose carry through beautifully to a charged, fruit driven palate with subtle zing, some flintiness and the lingering taste of guava.
Pairing: Enjoy chilled with sundried figs, sour dough bread and soft cheeses. Add sunshine and a picnic basket to your taste.

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