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VONDELING ROSÉ 2017 VINEYARDS - Ankomst DK December 2017

Made exclusively from cold pressed Merlot, the vineyard used for this wine is nearly 20yrs old. Located on a granite spur which extends from the foothills of the Voor-Paardeberg Mountain, the berries are well exposed to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight is essential to eliminate green flavours from the grape.

The soil has a high clay percentage and this lends softness and volume to the wine. Great care is taken to ensure that the vines do not bear too great a crop or suffer from drought. This is done through green cropping of the vines and micro irrigation. Both practices help to preserve the natural acidity, freshness and vibrancy of the grape aromas.


Grapes are picked at optimum ripeness in the early hours of the morning. The grapes are then destemmed and chilled before being pressed. This short route, from vine to press, ensures minimal degradation of the fruit aromas and a very moderate extraction of colour. All free run juice is kept separate from the “colour fraction” to ensure a deliciously subtle salmon colour. The juice is cold settled to remove any coarseness and fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks. The wine is 100% unoaked. A six month period of maturation on the yeast lees promotes richness and complexity.


Colour: Pale, salmon pink
Nose: An opulent bouquet of rose petal, red current, raspberry, cinnamon, tropical fruits and citrus.
Palate: Refreshing and vibrant, with red berry flavours, floral undertones, candied citrus and a crisp finish.
Pairing: Pair a glass with spicy Thai prawns, grilled Portuguese sardines or a fresh tomato, feta and pomegranate salad.



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Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2015


The grapes to make this wine come from two old vine vineyards planted in 1981 and 1984 respectively. For obvious reasons the one vineyard is simply called the Spice Block and the other the Long Block. Yields are rarely above 7t/ha and therefore naturally produce wines with structure and superior concentration. Our soils consist exclusively of deep, well-weathered granite with moderate amounts of clay and iron. Such soils elevate the aromatics and promote finesse in the wine.


Grapes are picked in the cool, early hours of the morning then packed into a cold room for further cooling. Once the grapes are below 10°C they are gently destemmed, crushed and pressed speedily to tank. During this process, the sensitive Sauvignon Blanc juice is protected from oxidative degradation, through the judicious application of dry ice pellets. These pellets form an “insulation blanket” of carbon dioxide gas above the juice. All free-run juice and press juice are managed separately, according to their character.

The juice is cold settled for 48 hours before it is racked from its sediments and inoculated with pure yeast cultures. Cold fermentation at 11°C locks in freshness and ensures an intense tropical fruit bouquet. After fermentation, the wine is kept on the gross lees for 7 months. This practice adds weight to the palate and promotes a creamier mouth feel.


Colour: Pale straw with a slight green edge.
Nose: A pungent nose. Rich with floral perfume, passion fruit. Balanced beautifully by a fresh amount of capsicum and kiwi fruit sweetness.
Palate: The aromas on the nose carry through beautifully to a charged, fruit driven palate with subtle zing, some flintiness and the lingering taste of guava.
Pairing: Enjoy chilled with sundried figs, sour dough bread and soft cheeses. Add sunshine and a picnic basket to your taste.

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VONDELING BABIANA 2014 (Chenin Blanc 50%, Chardonnay 24%, Grenache Blanc13%, Viognier 13%.

The Babiana noctiflora is a rare species of fynbos found only on the Paardeberg Mountain. It has is a delicate yellow
flower, which releases its scent in the evenings to attract moths for pollination.


The Chenin Blanc originates from a 30 year-old vineyard, aptly named The Graveyard in respect to the historic family graveyard it encloses. The vines naturally yield no more than 5 tons/ha. Their age and low yield ensures consistent quality and concentration, which is why it forms the backbone of our blend. The fullness of the Chenin is tempered by the verve and high aromatics of the Grenache Blanc and Viognier. The Chardonnay is also essential for freshness and lift.


All grapes are hand-picked at optimum ripeness and refrigerated for 24hrs before being processed. The Chenin (and Chardonnay) is whole bunch press and no sulphur added to promote wild yeast development. The unsettled juice is then rapidly transferred to barrel for natural fermentation. Although a nerve-racking process, this method lends structure, complexity and longevity to the wine.

 The wine undergoes full malolactic fermentation and is matured 10 months on the lees before being racked, blended and bottled.


Colour: Pale, straw-like yellow with a bright green hue.
Nose: Great tension and poise brimming with roasted almonds, sweet cashew, Turkish delight, lime zest, apricot and orange marmalade, wild honey and pineapple.
Palate: Fresh, vibrant and textured with weighted density and length. Layers of rolled oats, white pepper, floral jasmine, mint, ginger and creamy lemon meringue aptly supported by subtle and reserved oak presence.
Pairing: A complex wine suitable to many an evening dish. Enjoy with rabbit in white wine sauce and shallots. Simple, aromatic Asian dishes or rich seafood

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 Baldrick Shiraz 2014


For this delicious wine we select the sites and clones which promote greater aromatics and a more accessible palate. The vineyards are planted on ancient granite derived soils on south and south east facing slopes. In total six clones of Shiraz are used and each clone contributes to the final wine. Hand-picking ensures that only the best fruit arrives at the cellar. The unfermented fruit shows over-whelming flavours of raspberry and blackcurrant.

Baldrick Shiraz 2011: Top 100 SA Wines; Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 90/100, Gold Medal, China Wine Awards Baldrick Shiraz 2012: Gold Medal Six Nations Wine Challenge, 89/100 Tim Atkins SA Wine Review


All our grapes are chilled overnight, after which they are partially destemmed and crushed into open-top tanks. Once crushed, the mash is cold soaked for 48hrs, before natural fermentation occurs spontaneously.

Fermentation takes place at a cool 22°C and NO COMMERCIAL YEAST is added. During fermentation the wine is mixed by hand and not by pump. This method facilitates greater control and expression of the wine. Once fermentation is complete the skins are pressed in a traditional basket press and the wine is transferred directly to second and third fill French oak barrels.

Malolactic fermentation occurs in the barrel and helps to soften and enhance the subtle characteristics of the wine. The wine will spend just more than one year in barrel.


Colour: Rich deep purple colour.

Nose: Opulent red and blue fruit with a hint of wood smoke. Profoundly perfumed with high floral notes of violets. Spices include cinnamon and liquorice.

Palate: A medium bodied wine. Shiraz is the focus of the blend and provides palate weight, dark fruit, subtle pepper and other exotic spices. The Mourvèdre adds red fruit and earthy truffles, while the Viognier helps to soften the wine and heightens the aromatics.

Pairing: A medium bodied wine with plenty of excitement on the nose and palate. The Baldrick Shiraz will enhance many a dish and occasion. We recommend it with slow cooked lamb shanks with mashed potato caramelised onion sauce or smoked pork, sausage and bean, "Cassoulet" style stew.

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VONDELING ERICA SHIRAZ 2014 (Shiraz 73%, Mourvèdre 12%, Grenache 7%, Carignan 5%, Viognier 3%). Ankommer december 2017 til DK

Vondeling Erica is named in honour of Erica hippurus, a species of fynbos (vegetation type occurring in the Western Cape region of South Africa) that is endemic to the Paardeberg mountain, the home of Vondeling wines.


The Shiraz vines are grow in ancient, well-weathered granite soils on southeast-facing slopes – ideal for our warm South African climate. In total, six clones of Shiraz can be found on the farm and only the best performing clones go into the final blend.

Typically each clone contributes different characteristics to the wine and the different
blocks are picked at varying degrees of ripeness, best suited to their character.
Highly selective hand picking guarantees that only the best fruit arrives at the winery.


fter being chilled overnight, bunches are partially destemmed, but not crushed, and whole berry fermentation takes place in open-top fermentation tanks. An initial two day period of cold soaking is applied before wild yeast fermentation is allowed to commence.

This cold maceration practice extends the maceration period, and promotes gentle tannin and aromatic extraction. During fermentation, hand plunging, commonly known as “punch downs” is the method of mixing and extraction. After fermentation, the wine is pressed in a traditional boutique size basket press for absolute control over this crucial last step. All wine is then transferred directly to barrel where malolactic fermentation takes place.

Only bigger French oak barrels are used, with about one third new and the rest 2nd and 3rd fill. The wine is allowed to mellow for 16 months before the final barrel selection, blending and bottled takes place.


Colour: Rich deep red / purple colour.
Nose: The wine has an opulent nose of bright violets, dark fruit, smoky oak - rich in cloves, nutmeg and coriander seeds.
Palate: Svelte dark fruit, chocolaty richness and under tones of earthy truffles. The wine has a full, viscous texture and a long complex spicy finish.
Pairing: De-boned leg of lamb, barbequed over a hot bed of coals or hearty, slow cooked rolled pork belly with root vegetables and herb roast tomatoes

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 Vondeling Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


The grapes used for this very special wine originate from the same vineyard used to make the highly acclaimed Bowwood blend, previously produced by Julian Johnsen and Bruce Jack. This Southwest-facing slope is located on one of Vondeling’s highest and most temperate slopes. The roots burrow deep into nutrient poor, well weathered granite soils. This offers great consistency of concentration and aroma. The grapes are harvested at 25°balling. Hand picking ensures that only the very best fruit enters the cellar.


Upon arrival at the cellar the grapes are pre-chilled before processing. Once chilled they are gently destemmed and the berries cold soaked for two days before natural fermentation is allowed to occur. A combination of whole and crushed berries allows for a slow extraction of tannins and an intense fruit driven profile.

Fermentation takes place in open top fermenters and extraction is encouraged by hand plunging. After fermentation, extended maceration on the skins is allowed for one week. Extended maceration allows the components to mesh and achieve greater harmony. The wine is then drained to 300Lt French oak barrels and the skins are pressed in a traditional wooden basket press.

100% malolactic fermentation takes place in barrel after which the wine is racked and returned to barrel for at least one full year. After a total time of 18 months in barrel, the wine is bottled and laid to rest for another year before finally being released.


Colour: Dark ruby red

Nose: White musk, cinnamon, red cherries, cigar box and sultry vanilla

Palate: Broad, succulent and silky with plenty of red fruit, smoky cigar box, roasted almonds and maraschino cherries. Fine, textured tannin on the finish.


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Sweet Carolyn Non Vintage(Muscat de Frontignan 100%)


This wine is made from a single vineyard of Muscat d’Frontignan. The winemaking begins in the
vineyard. When the acidity and sugar are in perfect harmony, the stem of each bunch is individually crimped to
isolate the bunch from the vine. The crimping process stops the supply of water to the bunch, causing the berries
to dessicate on the vine. Crimping is done before the grapes are 100% ripe and still high in natural acidity. The
crimping process concentrates the sugar and the acidity of the berries and takes up to two weeks.

The grapes are naturally protected from the sun by the vine canopy and air movement across the berries stops
moulds and funghi from forming while they are drying. Finally, the fruit is ready for picking.


The dried grapes are hand-picked and chilled overnight. They are then destemmed, but not crushed, directly to open top fermenters. Here the berries are fermented much like a red wine, with periodic punch downs, to extract all the syrupy juice from inside. This method adds structure to the wine and the light tannins help to preserve fruity
freshness. After approximately one week on the skins, they are pressed and fermentation is completed in tank.

Fermentation stops naturally when the combination of high acidity, increasing alcohol and concentrated sugar finally becomes too inhibitory for the yeast. The wine is aged for 11 months on the gross lees before it is bottled.


Colour: Golden to light amber
Nose: A perfumed nose of bright pineapple, ripe apricot, honeyed marmalade and seductive rose petal. These heady aromas are supported by orange blossom, jasmine and wild rosemary.
Palate: The nose carries through to the taste, where the mouth-watering sweetness is cut by a tangy acidity, which ensures a persistent and refreshing finish.
Pairing: Naturally fermented and unfortified, this wine allows for many delightful treats, which may incl. savoury duck liver pate, sweet spicelaced puddings and traditional soft cheeses. Serve chilled and don’t wait for dessert.

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