GRANDE PROVENCE Angel Tears Rosé 2019 13%

79,00  m/Moms
( 63,20  u/Moms )

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

A lovely fresh, crisp Rosé with upfront, fresh raspberries peaches and cherry flavours with notes of spice and blossoms. This is a well-balanced, easy drinking wine with a delightful fruity profile. 

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy a glass on its own or pair the rosé with lightly seasoned seafood dishes or summer salads.  It is the perfect picnic wine.  Enjoy chilled.

Model/varenr.: GP104-19
Type/Farve: Rosévin
Land: Sydafrika
Vinhus: Grande Provence


Only the best grapes are selected from the estate's vineyards and picked by hand for processing at this acclaimed cellar. The grapes are brought to the cellar where they are gently destemmed and fermented at 28⁰C.

After fermentation each cultivar goes through a selection process and only the most fitting wines are chosen for the final blends, ensuring consistency in the fruity character of these delightful wines.
This fruity rosé only sees 30 minutes of skin contact to obtain its seductive salmon pink hue.