GRANDE PROVENCE Angel Tears Muscat-Chenin Blanc 2019 13%

79,00  m/Moms
( 63,20  u/Moms )

This deliciously fruity white wine made from 84% Muscat D’Alexandrie and 14% Chenin Blanc grapes, expresseses upfront succulent stone fruits, litchi and citrus notes with hints of floral and spicyness on the nose and palate. This fruity Moscato is made to be an easy drinking and well- balanced wine that can be enjoyed at every occasion. 

 Serving Suggestions: A perfect wine to enjoy with a summer picnic.  Serve this natural sweet wine with lightly spiced Indian or Asian style dishes and fresh fruit salads.

Model/varenr.: GP103-19
Type/Farve: Hvidvin
Land: Sydafrika
Vinhus: Grande Provence

Vinification: The grapes are hand harvested from a 29 year block of Muscat D’Alexandrie and brought into the cellar where they are gently destemmed and then pressed. Tank fermentation takes up to 2 weeks at a temperature of 13⁰C. At a specific point and taste our winemaker will stop the fermentation process to create this succulent, natural sweet wine.